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Send messages whith API CHAT (StreamID)

hi I’ll try one more time…
I 'm still without answers about my problem.

I trying send messages over chat api, but without success. Some commands, as:

GET http://mydomain.com:9090/plugins/restapi/v1/users/myuser (OK)
GET http://mydomain.com:9090/plugins/restapi/v1/chatrooms (OK)
POST http://mydomain.com:9090/plugins/restapi/v1/chatrooms (create OK)
POST http://mydomain.com:9090/plugins/restapi/v1/messages/users (Broadcast OK)

These requests above OK!!!

But I haven’t response whith stremid, and login:
POST http://mydomain.com:9090/plugins/restapi/v1/chat/myuser/login (404 not found)

it does not work!

Good Day

Sounds like we sit in same boat. Openfire such a good Instant messaging system, but lacks the ability to implement into your own website as it was years ago.

Wish someone could build an easy and maintainable web chat.

Good Luck.

What do you need for that to happen? A new set of REST API endpoints? Which ones?

Hi! I managed to make messaging work, but I still can’t send messages to a specific group.

For example, I have a ti group with some members (jack@help.net, josh@help.net and cris@help.net) and I would like to send an API message to this group so that all members of the group receive it. On my front-end I am sending a message to each member of the ti group. Is there a way to send a message to the group?

The XMPP equivalent is to put those users in a common chat room, and send messages to that chat room.

However, having the pragmatic approach of “send a one-to-one message to each member of this group” might actually be a good addition to have. It’s basically extended stanza addressing. A bit messy from the protocol point of view, but if it makes people happy…

Good Day

Not sure if @fabiorb used the same as i did, but here is a chat to see what i did, but also struggled to post to group to make fastpath to work.

I did it a while ago as i try, failed and waited to see if someone would “upgrade” fastpath to work as before with sparkweb.

OK! I will work sending individual messages all right.

I checked again and found i used the following when i did try to implement: