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Sending a message to all logged in resources (regardless of priority)?

I am wondering if it is possible to send message(s) to all logged in resources (for that user), regardless of priority.

I have enabled route.all-resources on my server, but although initial message will be sent to all resources, if one of the clients respond, consecutive messages (from/to same user) will be sent to the client that responded. After idling time of 30 minutes, any new message will be again sent to all resources.

Is there maybe a way to reduce that timeout somehow?


Is the client responding with a fully JID?

I believe the** route.all-resources** only applies to messages sent to the base JID.

Hi there, were you able to resolve this issue? I too would like rout.all-resources to ignore priorities and send to all clients. (Similar to how Skype syncs all clients).

i have set the rout.all-resources and it still is hit or miss. Server still only sends to highest priority resouce. I would like it to work like skype and google talk where no matter which resource i look at im not missing any messages

any status on this being fixed or am i just doing something wrong? what can I check?



There is nothing to “fix”, as this is the expected behaviour with respect to the actual specification.

What you are asking for is actually a custom (non standard) feature, which I don’t think anyone is currently working towards.