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Sending a message to multipule Users


Fooling around with the XIFF library and understanding how to communicate it with the XMPP servers. I able to create a chat room and send a message to all the users in this room.

I want to implement a feature in our web app to push data to other current login users. Do I need to create a temp chatroom and then once the message is sent I destroy the chatroom? Or is there another way? PubSub?

How can i go about this…

You could use the broadcast plugin - http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins.jsp.

ok?..but this plugin is for console admin? So the admin can send a message to all users? This is the way I am understanding this.

I want to do some find of feature what twitter does? Some tweets and all users recieven the tweet.

Please explain more if possible?

Pubsub would be a nice way to do it, XIFF currently doesn’t have pubsub support though unfortunately. They way we’ve implemented this is with an AdhocCommand as it seemed quite XMPP friendly. You can create a plugin which adds an additional ad-hoc command to Openfire fairly easily, then your XIFF code calls this adhoc command. There are a couple of adhoc commands already in the Openfire source code if you wanted to have a look how they are done.

ok thanks…

I noticed in the database there are some PubSub tables. Are they being used in the XMPP server anywhere?

They are used by the pubsub service.