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Sending chat messages with extension


I’m trying to send a chat message with extension like so

Message msg = new Message("fred@jabber.org");

msg.setBody(“some message”);

msg.addExtension(/* a form */);


Here is an example of the message

hello1d21183a-d178-4df5-ab24-4addd5084af7aladdin@conference.batcomputeryesno fred@batcomputer/xfm_framework</ message>

The receiver is custom smack client. I use the following to listen to incoming messages

connection.addPacketListener(this, new PacketTypeFilter(Message.class));

However, the listener was never called. I tried using Spark as test client. Spark was able to receive the message. When I remove the extension, my custom Smack client is able to receive it. Am I using the correct listener?