Sending custom paquet''s to room users


I’'m having problems sending custom packets to room users, the server is returning a error.

I’'m using a Flash (XIFF) Client with anonymous login (the sender) and another client logged with an username (the reciever).

Here’'s an example of the paquets**:**



It works if I try sending the same packet to the user’‘s jid (not the room’'s jid):


IN**:** request**:**ping

Is there a way to send the packet using the room’'s jid?

At the same time I need to maintain private chats, so I can’'t send this packet as stanza

Any recommendations?



Hola Pablo,

One option is to configure the room to send the real JID of the user to everyone when sending the occupants presences. By default only moderators are able to see the real JID of occupants but you can change that so that anyone can see the real JID of the user. Once you have modified the room configuration, you will be able to send the IQ to the real JID of the user instead of using the MUC service as a path through. Follow this link to read more about non-anonymous rooms:


– Gato.

Thanks Gato!

Yes, the second test was made using anonymous rooms and sending the paquets to the real JID.

What I had in mind is to use isolated play rooms, where two users may join the same rooms and play different games or consume different services.

But I think this can be simulated by sending the paquet to the user’‘s real jid along with the service type and room jid. And building some kind of paquet router and the client’'s end. What do you think?

Thanks again,