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Sending/declining MUC invites

Does anyone have experience with sending/declining MUC invites using Messenger and any client? I’‘m trying out that feature for the first time, using Messenger 2.1.5, JWChat-1.0beta1, and a custom HTTP Polling implementation. I’‘m getting an error in JWChat, and have been going over the packets as logged by JWChat and Messenger to see if I can find a problem. The packets for both systems look like they match the JEP as far as I can tell, so I’‘m not sure what’'s wrong.

Stefan of JWChat suggested I try JWChat against other servers and try other clients that support declining MUC invites (I was using Gaim but that doesn’‘t appear to support that feature) against Messenger. I’'m getting jabberd1.4 and MU-conference 0.6.0 running, as well as a couple other clients (though I have no ideas which ones support declining MUC invites) to try them out, but I thought I would ask the community here in the meantime, in case anyone already has some experience with and knowledge about this feature. Any info that might save me some time figuring this out would be greatly appreciated.

The problem I am seeing is that one or the other user involved in sending then declining an invite gets disconnected from the server. Sometimes the user who received the invite gets disconnected when they decline the invite. Sometimes the user who sent the invite gets disconnected when it is declined. I was just using JWChat and Gaim at first, but then I downloaded Tkabber and started feeding raw XML into its connection to make sure the packets were formatted according to the JEP.

Hm… havent tested decline of invite. But inviting works fin with Jive Messenger+Exodus. Before sending invite you must enter some MUC room. I will try to decline invite with Exodus, but this will be only after two weeks.

After going through a bunch of code, it looks like JWChat was throwing an error because it was treating declines the same as invites, and that was causing the behavior I was seeing.