Sending IMs through OF via web application?

I have been searching to see if openfire somehow easily allows me to hook into it to do what I want to do, or if someone had written a plugin for this yet, but was striking out. So I thought I would simply ask a question on here in case I was searching on the wrong terms and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction

We recently installed OF at my company and I’m looking for a way to hook some functionality of our Intranet into OF so that certain actions can trigger an IM being sent to a user. I realize I would probably have to hard-code some links between users on my intranet and their users within our OF installation, but I’m ok with that since we’re a pretty small shop and it’s a closed system. But for example, when someone is finished with a task we have the ability to “kick” the task to another employee (the next production member listed on the to-do lists, or back to an account manager, whatever). Generally speaking, when you’re done doing your thing on a task you have to make sure you go back and grab the URL of the task, bring up IM, shoot a message to that person (or people) to let them know you’ve kicked it their way… I want to be able to “kick & notify” so that all people who were just on the kicked task immediately get an IM saying “Dave just kicked you this task - http://intranet/someRandomScript.php”…

doable? Cheers in advance for any advice or input!