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Sending messages via pyMSNt gateway to Trillian Pro clients

I have tried using PSI, Gaim, Spark, and Trillian Basic as a client with Wildfire 2.5.1

Installed pyMSNT-0.11 and have been testing WildFire using multiple clients on the receiving and sending end.

I have come to the conclusion that Trillian Pro v 3.1 Build 121 which currently uses mns.dll version plugin to connect to the MSN network has a problem receiving messages, sent by any client using pyMSNt gateway.

This seems to only happen if a Jabber client user initiates the chat for a user on the MSN network whom uses Trillian Pro. If the Trillian Pro user initiates the chat, and doesn’'t close the window, bi-way message communication works

Trillian Basic users - OK

MSN Messanger users - OK

A very strange situation for which I can not figure out why and seems to only happen if the person you wish to talk to uses Trillian Pro. Other event notifications work properly such as online & away status of the Trillian Pro user.

A FYI of my experinces that messages aren’'t received by Trillian Pro users when the sender is using an MSN gateway via WildFire.

The MSN gateway works fine otherwise.

More specifically inital contact initated by a WildFire MSN gateway user works fine, messages are received by the recipient. When the recipient closes the chat window, furter contact to that user via the MSN gateway fails. No errors are produced and presence indicators work as usual. So it seems to be related to the chat window being closed; once the chat window is closed by a Trillian user connected directly to MSN servers (not WildFire) the Wildfire user’'s IM is not longer received. Again no error or failure message is recived by the WildFire user or logged in very verbose output of pyMSNt

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