Sending storagable messages

I recently set up Openfire as the backbone of my HTTP-based social network. I’ve been running BOSH and its working great.

My only confusion with XMPP and Openfire is that there doesn’t seem to be a protocol for sending email-like messages to other users.

The kind of behavior I’m wanting is similar to offline messaging: A user can send another user a message (lets say type “mail”) and that user will recieve the message. The message can be replied to (via threads) and stored in the DB for later use.

XEP-136 seems close to what I’m wanting but there doesn’t seem to be a solid method sending messages that will be stored for viewing later (excluding offline messaging).


Well since nobody has said anything I decided to make my own plugin. It stores data for s type “mail” in a database, keeps track of read/unread, mailbox location, and retrieval of data via IQ. If anyone is interested in the source just PM me.