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Senior Openfire Developer wanted

Nimbuzz (www.nimbuzz.com) is looking for a true Openfire specialist. Nimbuzz is a fast growing organization (50 people) with the ambition to become the leader on mobile IM and VOIP services in the world. We use Openfire as the basis for our system and work in close co-operation with Jive software.

The person we are looking for is almost a guru on this fantastic platform, is actively involved in the open source community and can been seen as on of the true specialist on Openfire in the world. His/her responsibility is helping us in scaling our system all over the world, getting the best performance and making it 100% stable. Location is Rotterdam, the Netherlands, excellent package (stock options included), great working environment.

If you are interested or know somebody that perfectly fits this description let us know.

Please contact Marc Bastiaansen at marc@nimbuzz.com or call him on: +31 621546554

Is this opened for all? International?

Hi Aznidin,

let’s guess that it is, otherwise there’s still a Babel Fish which may say to you “Hello, hoe zijn u? Ik wil in Rotterdam leven.”


Yes, anyone from anywhere who is willing to move to Rotterdam, the Netherlands can apply.

For those people that are interested, but can’t quite deside yet: we’ve produced some job descriptions for some of the positions we’d like to see filled. They’ll give you a more detailled overview of what we’re offering and looking for. You’ll find the descriptions in the attachments to this message.

There’s also a number of other positions open, which aren’t nessecarily related to Openfire (both ‘technical’ and ‘non-technical’ openings are available). I didn’t post them here, but if you’re interested, you can find the descriptions for these openings at our website: http://www.nimbuzz.com/help/careers/

If you’re interested in any of these jobs, or just like to receive some extra information, don’t hesitate to contact Marc, me or the email address mentioned in the job descriptions!
Job description - Openfire specialist.doc (72192 Bytes)
Job description - Gateway Developer.doc (34816 Bytes)