Server 2 Server both behind firewall/router

I don’‘t really know where to begin however here’‘s what I’'ve done:

Both servers are behind a firewall/router. I’‘ve mapped port 5269 on both routers. I’‘ve got a domain name for both, however they’'re both using dynamic dns service static mapping (I do have a static IP address on both locations). The format is and (examples only).

I’'ve named the domain on each servers accordingly (e.g. xmpp.domain =

I’'ve added them to the whitelist under Server to Server tab.

Now I’‘m kinda stuck. There’'s no clear connection between the 2 servers other than the fact that they should be able to connect. How do I add an user from the other connection? Can I share user groups between the 2 servers? Basically nothing is working so the slightest piece of advice I would appreciate.


Server to server links aren’‘t persistent normally. They only establish when communication between the two servers is necessary. You’'d need to send a message from a user on one server to a user on the other for the link to establish.

is how you add contacts.

User accounts on one server aren’'t normally available for login from the other server.


Can I share user groups between the 2 servers?

Yes, this is possible also with limitations for server side groups - the remote user should auto-accept subscriptions. You just need to add a remote user to a group.

To get your first s2s connection you may want to login as “admin” on and start a chat with JID "".


Great, I got most of it working except for the automatic subscription thing. Where do I enabled that? Wildfire or Sark? BTW, I’‘m using the latest beta for Spark, and I couldn’'t find anyhting in the options related to automatic subscription. Same goes with the latest build of Wildfire. I may be missing something very obvious. Any clue?



you could use the Subscription plugin or http://server:9090/plugin-admin.jsp to do this on server side. But once again this plugin could cause trouble: “Selecting this level can make Wildfire vulnerable to spIM*.” Anyhow it seems that your servers are private ones (=not public) so this should not be an issue for you.

Maybe Ryan will add an ACL support for it so one can use it also with public server.

Thinking about your question it could be nice to add some more text and a link to http://server:9090/plugin-admin.jsp on the http://server:9090/group-create.jsp page.


it2000 wrote:

Maybe Ryan will add an ACL support for it so one can use it also with public server.

Maybe, if I knew what “ACL” is.

Hi Ryan,

I’'m sure that you know what an ACL is but you just had a blackout while posting this question (:

ACL=Access Control List

/server2server-settings.jsp has a very basic one with Anyone / White List / Deny List.


Ah, thanks, that helps.

Whenever I see ACL I think anterior cruciate ligament.

OK, I just posted a msg saying that everythings working but that was a false alarm :_|

So here’'s where I stand:

I added the remote users in a local group and made the group display for all local users. So now I have all the users displayed under “Offline users”. I did add the subscription module on both servers and configured to Accept / All. The users that I added previousily (before the automatic subscription and the remote group) do display (full name, presence and you can comunnicate fine, even pulls picture from profile). That’‘s actually where the false alarm came into place, because I added those users previously, with the Spark client. The connection between the 2 servers is apparently working great, its the remote group that’'s not.

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