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Hello everybody, need some help with server-to-server connections.

Have 2 servers (3.9.3) on each company both see each other (through routed VPN -no restrictions-) both servers integrated to local Active Directory.

Server 1 (can telnet to remote server on 5269)

Server 2 (can telnet to remote server on 5269)

When i add users of server 2 on server 1 it stays Pending

In Session Monitor (both servers)

Cannot make connetions.

Also tried using xmpp domain name (both server resolve DNS name correctly)

Can you please help on this issue.

Thanks in advanced.

Are your server hostnames the same as your XMPP domain names? If not, you’re probably going to want to set up SRV records in your local DNS (see this wiki article on SRV records, SRV Records - XMPP WIKI). When trying to establish a server-to-server session Openfire will attempt to verify the other server’s identity using a DNS lookup for the domain’s SRV record and then exchanging keys with the server itself. Also, how are things configured on the Security tab of your servers (Server Settings… Security Settings)? I’ve had some trouble getting server-to-server working on 3.9.3 with TLS enabled. Try setting Server Connection Security to “Optional” on both servers to see if this is the source of your problem. Some additional (old) material on server-to-server with Openfire is here: Server To Server HowTo’s.