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Server(3.6.4) crashing using groups

Hi guys,

This is a HUGE BUG report :

I crashed our production server(T_T) and could reproduce that doing the following things :

Install two xmpp domains on two servers (Openfire 3.6.4). Let’s call them domainA and domainB both using ldap user provider (Active Directory in my case). One(domainA) uses database group provider, the other uses ldap group provider. Let them communicate to each other (this is the default if they are not firewalled).

At this point everything is ok, users authenticate successfully and can add users from other domain (i.e server to server is ok).

Now on domainA, create a group of local users, let’s call it groupWithLocalUsers.

Share it to everyone.

Add some local users.

Create always on domainA a new group. Let’s call it groupWithForeignUsers.

Share it to whoever you want.

Now add a foreign user of domainB. test@domainB. Add a new user test2@domainB.

Your server is crashed…

More exactly, the edit-group.jps never ends. What’s more server to server sessions page does not display anymore waiting forever. Restarting the server does not correct anything as when managing the foreign users group causes another crash. (It seems to be more a deadlock)

This does not appen if the foreign group is not shared.

This does not appen if the remote server is not reachable(!!!).

I really need to share foreign users as my organization uses two servers on two sites that are at the opposite side of the world and we need automatic contact sharing as we are very numerous.