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Server become slow after sending big messages


I am developing plugin.

When user authenticates server sends him HTML page (this page changes dynamically and usually heavy)

When multiple users authenticates server freezes and responds very slowly (after 10-20 sec). Where should i look for cause?

I think problem is at simultaneous large messages.

If users authenticate step by step:

1st auth then wait 3-5 sec

2nd auth then wait 3-5 sec

and so on then server do not freeze.

Hi! i’ve spent 2 days researching this issue and found that sending big messages is not allowed…instead In band bytestreams or SOCKS5 is auggested.

Hope it helps somebody someday

After some performance tuning i’ve found that server do NOT become slow.

It is client side fault but i do not even imagine where to look for problem.

Current situation is like this:

  1. from browser i login to application simultaneously from 7 tabs.
  2. then server responds with some messages to all tabs (not big 200-300 characters at max each)
  3. all tabs become slow, when i send message it waits for 5-10 seconds and then sends to server
  4. even if i reload page problem stays
  5. if i restart browser then everything is ok.

Does anybody have any thoughts about it? Where should i dig for problem?