Server configuration questions


I am testing OpenFire, I have been using ejabberd, but it seams to die for some reason so I like to see if OpenFire works better. I have it installed and I am looking to configure the maximum stanza/msg size limit (actually remove/disable it) and limit the number of times the user can be logged in simultaniously (one resource per user) and I couln’t find either. Could someone please instruct me on how to do this? I searched google but found no answers.

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I do not think there is a message size limit, or at least I have not hit it. The way to limit user logins is to set the resource policy under the openfire server settings from the openfire admin website.

Ok, thank you, I tried that but I can still have a user login with a different resource. What I like is to allow only one login per user, even if a different resource is specified, is that possible?


you can block any unwanted client application with the client control plugin. this will limit the resource types. it is not perfect but it is a start.

Could one of these properties maybe be the size limit?



They all have TODO as the description in the documentation, so I don’t really know what they are for.