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Server Configuration

I’ve installed the Openfire in server. Now trying to connect with the android application. For that need the below items. How to find those in Openfire account.


These properties are not something that I recognize as standard options. I can try to deduce their meaning though, but you should really ask the author of the code that you’re trying to use.

openfire-host-server-IP is the hostname or IP address of the server that is running Openfire.

openfire-host-server-key probably is the username of the account (as that’s what’s missing in this list).

openfire-host-server-RESOURCE likely is any text that uniquely identifies the device/client/session that you’re establishing. You can probably just use some text like my-resource

openfire-host-server-PORT is the TCP port to which the client should connect on your server, likely 5222

openfire-host-server-SERVICE probably is the XMPP domain name that you’ve configured when setting up Openfire.

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Thanks, @guus. Will Check.