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Server dies when Kraken is installed

I set up an openfire server today, latest version as of this post.

I installed Kraken and it was working just fine but then suddenly the server died … I would restart openfire and it would instantly die after the info log was reporting that the admin console was listening… no errors! the openfire process is running but I can’t connect to 5222 or 9090 because it instantly drops the connection.

So I stopped openfire and deleted the kraken plugin and folder… it starts up normally and works now! … the moment I install kraken again the server dies as before…

What could be causing this??

I’m running debian lenny by the way

I downloaded the latest beta instead of the latest stable release and it seems to not been slaughtering my server now

Curious if you are using http://spectrum.im/

No, I was interested in running that but it doesn’t like the version of libpurple I currently have installed so it won’t work for me… it would be nice to use spectrum though, I just know I will have to manually compile it all.

Kraken is working for me now at least with the latest beta… it isn’t connecting to msn but it’s working on all the other stuff I needed … I just had to, for some odd reason, manually create the tables in postgres.

I’m working on a fun project to interface clever bot with various instant messaging servers … using xmpp seemed to be the best way to do it.