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Server does not have phone services

Moving on from previous success, I decided it would be better to try and add support for Asterisk-IM through a plugin to JBother rather than changing the source. I will keep JBother questions for that forum but am getting a message I hope you can explain.

I removed the code from the main JBother project and created a plugin… pretty simple. I added the same code I had previous success with to the plugin’'s OnConnection event… seems appropriate. However, I am getting an exception now when creating the PhoneClient:

“Server does not have a phone services”

The connection remains up and the xml for asterisk events, like RING, are received BUT no events are fired in the plugin.

More… with the xmpp debug window open there are no xml packets going to the server regarding the phone service as i saw when the asterisk-im code was integrated into the jbother source.

The JBother client makes the XMPPConnection and the plugin is attempting to create the phone client - the connection object is available to the plugin and appears to be valid.

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to answer my own question after a bit of research and alot of playing around… it is a matter of when you create the PhoneClient object. In the OnConnection event seemed correct but was not. I could only create the PhoneClient after you are logged onto the Jive Messenger service… so placing the call after the XMPPConnection does not appear to be enough. It needs to be after the login.

Is this correct?

Yes, because the constructor of PhoneClient does a few disco queries to see if the server has the asterisk-im installed and if the user has support. If you are not logged in this will not work.

Can’'t PhoneClient check to see if the user is authenticated and provide the correct error message if not? You should be able to use XMPPConnection.isAuthenticated().


I can definately add this. It is an oversite more that anything. I will add to jira.


I will try to add this today, if I have time.

OK, makes sense. You may want to update the Asterisk-IM Plugin Readme to clarify.