Server domain name change


I am going to change my server’s (Openfire 3.4.3) domain name, from to .I will also probably move the openfire server from one PC to another … could you please tell me if these steps are correct ? (i am using mysql for database)

  1. Back-up my database

  2. Copy the database to the new server

  3. Move the server to the new PC (actually copy all the files there)

Are there going to be problems with the JIDs (they are now Will they automatically change to ? Will there appear any problem ?



moving Openfire to another server is painless if you do not want to change the xmpp.domain. There is no need to set the xmpp.domain to the server name.

Do you really want to change the xmpp.domain and thus all JIDs?


actually, i do.

This is because i’m moving from beta to live, and right now the JIDs are , and i want them to be


does anybody have any more info ?

There’s a plugin that lets you extract all of your clients and their rosters to an XML file. You could export that and then do a search replace all for the domain names then import it on thenew server. I’ve been thinking about this too since we’re going from 9 seperate domains to one in thenear future.


it makes much more sense to change the domain to so it matches the email address. Anyhow you need to set up SRV DNS records to do this.

As you are migrating from beta I assume that the beta users do not have external contacts. You can either use the import / export plugin or change all occurrences of old.domain in the database to new.domain - and there are a lot.


yes you’re right, they don’t have external contacts…

Thank you