Server Error Notification - Database not available

Is there a way to get Wildfire to send an e-mail when it encounters an error? Our external database became unavailable and it would have been useful if an e-mail could have been sent to let somebody know.

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while I agree that someone could be informed if the database gets unavailable I wonder if Wildfire is the right product to monitor this.

There are free and commercial tools available which allow to monitor ports and services. So one can monitor all databases, web servers and Wildfire and configure who will be informed by email, SMS, phone, … They will also help to verify SLAs.


With logging frameworks like log4j its possible to configure many different loggers apart from a log file. e.g. email, SNMP etc. Doesthe wildfire logger has similar functionality that can be enabled?


Hi Conor,

Wildfire does not use log4j so its logging options are very limited.