Server failure - Where are the users & groups stored?

Recently installed and setup Openfire and Spark on our Windows Server 2003 R2, using the latest version of “Openfire”. Configured approx 35 users and their respective groups.

Over the weekend we have had an issue and a hard drive has failed. Now I have backups from Friday, want I need to know…

I will do a new installatin of Openfire and select all the details as previous, incl using the built-in database. Which files can I copy from the backup to reinstate all the users and groups without having to sit and do them all manually ???

Any advise would be very welcome.

Many thanks


You need only install the same version of Openfire, then restore the embedded-db folder and the openfire.xml file (this file goes in the conf folder) after the restore start openfire and it should be fully configured ready to go.

Hey Graeme,

Install the server again and override the embedded-db folder and the config folder using your backup. The server should be just like it was at the moment of the backup.


– Gato

mtstravel just posted his answer before mine.