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Server Group Roster Help

I upgraded to 2.12 to alleviate some of the Shared Roster presence problems and what not. What I am experiencing is quite odd. Using JBother or GAIM here is what happens:

(All Groups set to Visable to All Users)

UserA Logs on - Roster is Blank

UserB Logs on - Roster is Blank (same group as UserA)

UserC Logs on - Roster is Blank (different group as UserA/B)

GroupAB is set to Visible by Group then RESET to Visable to All Users

UserA,B,C Can see UserA/B - UserA/B Can still not see UserC

GroupC is set to Visable by Group then RESET to Visable to All Users

Everyone can see each other.

Its almost as if upon initial login the rosters are populating the Server Groups and when I reset them to Visible to All Users then everything works great. Any Ideas?

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Maybe it’‘s an issue with the upgrade process? You could try to implement your configuration in a new Messenger server (don’‘t have to delete the existing, just stop it if your’'re on the same host) and see what happens then.

Also try using other client, it seems that Gaim still has some problems …

I’'m using Pandion and PSI, both work well with JM.



I tried using Pandion, and I think I’‘ll stick with it over JBother as it seems much more stable and user friendly, but it didn’'t fix my problem.

I’‘ts almost as if upon login the server isn’'t sending out the correct rosters. I have to manually change the rosters in the servers for it to populate the client rosters.

Is there any XML I could post to help find the problem?

The following is what I get in the debug log whenever someone logs on:

2005.03.22 09:58:44 Connect Socket[addr=/,port=3025,localport=5222]

The following is what I get in the info log whenever someone logs on:

2005.03.22 09:58:45 Packet sent to unreachable address

The following packet is NOT being received by the client when the roster is blank for some reason. If i set all the groups to “not shared” then reset them to shared the following packet will be sent upon every subsequent login.

RECV: SalesClaimsITHR AccountingSalesProcessingSalesSalesData EntrySalesProcessingSalesProcessingITSalesSalesData EntryHR AccountingHR AccountingProcessingManagementProcessingSalesManagementClaims