Server Migration from Windows to Windows

I am going to Migrate Openfire Spark from server 2008 R2 to Server 2016. What are the steps? At the moment I am using 4.2.3 on my Server 2008. I see the latest version is 4.3.2. Is it as simple as install it on new server, copy some config files over and all done? I do have some plugins that I would have to bring over as well.
Any help will be much appreciated.

I also notice the different options for the download, no java, includes java. Which version should I use?

You can read these guides:

You should probably install the same version as you already use (Java or no Java). But this is not so important. You can always install your own Java on server and let Openfire use it. Using bundled (with Java) version is easier as you don’t have to install and update Java on your own.