Server name in database


I’ve changed openfire server. I’ve troubles with change Openfire server name.

What are the database fields of the server name?



This would be in a lot of places. Every user ID, Server name, Certificates, XMPP domain, etc.


So, impossible change it?


nothing is impossible, but you have your work cut out for you especially if you do not use LDAP for user management.

I use LDAP for user management. So, I must replace new name in the others database fields?

If you use LDAP and do not care about conversation logs then the rest of the name can be changed from the openfire admin website. On the main server page click the edit button at the bott to change the Server Name. In the system properties change the xmpp.domain. Reboot the server and generate new certificates. Delete the old certificates and reboot again.

When i changed the name, the user didn’t see your contacts. With this procedure, happen?

any of the stored data from the old name (rosters, etc) will be lost with a name change because they are based on JID which changes with teh server name. I assumed shared rosters since you said LDAP was your source of users. My mistake. Reverting the name will get their databack.

And if I replace all old server names by new server names in the database fields, what happen?

should be fine if they all match when the server is restarted.