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Server name Static?

Sorry for my bad English.

I think my doubt is simple, when you log in you have to put in Spark for Login / Password / Server right ?

Is there any way to let the server fixed and not writing another or switch?

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anyone ?

It will be posible only if you will edit Source code of spark.


I wonder why you want to use a static server name. Within a company you’ll likely have a firewall which blocks outgoing connections to other XMPP servers (port 5222).


I want use static name because im my company i have many basic users, always this users erase the server name and forget. think this situation in 1000 machines.

there is no way to create a static server name in spark short of reprogramming the app. you could try using a login script to copy a clean copy of the spark.properties file to each users sprk profile folder. this will ensure it is there and correct after each reboot.


you could use a shortcut to set the servername. Use as target “c:\path-to\Spark.exe server=example.com”.

You could also add the username with “c:\path-to\Spark.exe server=example.com&username=%USERNAME%” if the windows user name maches the Spark user name.

And for those who tend to forget their password, “&password=bar” could be helpful while one should not do this.