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Server name vs domain -- talk to me like I''m four

I’‘m confused as to the server name versus its domain, and the settings in the admin interface. I’‘ve twiddled in the interface, but the behavior doesn’‘t seem to match up with what I’'d expect.

I have a server named chat.foo.com. I want to have people use user@foo.com as their Jabber id, with chat.foo.com as the actual server. SRV records are in place which point to chat.foo.com.

I would think that my settings should be as follows:

Server Manager -> Server Settings -> Server Name: chat.foo.com

Server Manager -> System Properties -> xmpp.domain: foo.com

Is that right?

What behavior are you seeing?

I just set Server Name[/b] to foo.com[/b] as well, and it all works fine for me.

For starters, Spark still requires the server name in the “Server” field. I would think the user@domain in “username” would be sufficient?

Or perhaps my SRV records are whacked? (If anyone cares to look, the domain is “uci.edu”)

Hey Andrew,

I’‘m using nslookup to test your SRV records and I think they are not ok. This is what I’'m doing

set type=SRV

set debug


You should be getting the registered SRV records after that and I’'m getting nothing. Try the same with xmpp-client.tcp.gmail.com to see the difference.


– Gato


Thanks for the pointer. What OS/tool are you using for that sequence?


edit: Nevermind! I see you mentioned nslookup.

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Indeed, it looks like my client record is set to the wront port. Email sent…

Also, yes, in main server set-up screen of jive, the servername is (some might argue a teeny tiny bit counterintuitively) named only “uci.edu”. Not a FQDN. No hostname. Just “uci.edu”.