Server Openfire with authentication in AD Samba4

Dear, I need my Openfire server to authenticate users through Samba4, is there any way to do this? I searched but only find very old documentation and I couldn’t do it.

I didn’t even know Samba could be used as an AD controller. Nice!

Assuming that Samba supports the LDAP protocol, the standard AD/LDAP setup might work, but I’ve never tried this.

Good morning ! So I use samba4 in most of our clients and it works perfectly in the Active Directory function, but I couldn’t authenticate with openfire in Samba4, it was supposed to work perfectly because samba4 uses the AD 2008 SERVER schema.

As this is the first time that I’m noticing this being used with Openfire, I believe that this is not a very often used integration. Given the many, many pet projects and requests on my plate, I’m afraid I will be prioritising my free time to work on other issues.

If this is important to you, and if no-one else here is able to pitch in, you could consider reaching out to organisations in our directory of service providers. They might be able to help you for a fee (for full disclosure: my company is in there, too).