Server setup how-to question

I’'m installing Wildfire on our server because I need a free IM solution. Using LDAP on Windows 2003 server (sbs edition)

I would like the wildfire server to only pull only from a security group for its member list. The company here is small enough I don’‘t really need to worry about groups or anything, but we have some “users” that aren’‘t users really and I’'d like the server to just pull from the security or distribution group of my choice. I tried doing searches for information of this kind but came up pretty short.

Thanks in advance.


are the users which are allowed to use xmpp in a group? You should be able to specify this group as the baseDN so Wildfire will find only users in this group. Try this first with an LDAP browser - depending on the lenght of the baseDN you will miss a lot of trees in your LDAP.