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Server-side Multi-User Chat Logs - Web Accessible?

Hi, I’m an Openfire newbie hoping to get it implemented as a company-wide chat solution for my organization. Currently we use an irc implementation for our multi-user chats, but rely on client-side logging for any archiving.

Is it possible to have Openfire keep server-side logs of mutli-user chats and have them be accessible via a web interface for all users, not just admins? It looksl ike the enterprise version provides this for administrators, but we are looking to keep these logs as an additional knowledge resource (internal support coordination, etc). Bonus points if they are searchable!

Is this possible with the current functionality of openfire? Either in the free or enterprise versions? The closest I’ve found is this python script that essentially sits in rooms, and dumps logs to a web accessible directory. I’d love it if the server could handle the whole package.