Server Side vCard Setting/Populating/Updating

For users who are not using LDAP is there anyway to set/populate/update users vCards on the DB side of things ? I wrote something to populate the jiveVCard.value with the appropriate XML vCard data based of the users information but it doesn’'t work as I would expect, as in nothing happens. Trying to debug this I did the following to no avail:

  • I tried with and without photo as well (base64 encoding it to match how Spark/Wildfire does it).

  • I tried clearing the vCard cache.

  • I searched the forums, but all I found related to LDAP only.

Is there any way to do what I am attempting to do without using LDAP ? (Set users vcards automatically for them on the server end by adding the XML vCard to the database).




I usually stop Wildfire before changeing something in the database. Changing the vCard works fine for me this way.

Spark does also cache the vCard, so if it did request one one time it that it takes long before one is requested again. So the users must re-login to see the change.


Hello LG,

Thanks for the response. I didn’‘t actually stop Wildfire when making the DB change but I potentially found the problem. After reading some more threads, the avatar I was setting may have been too big and that may have been what was messing everything up. I was using a 250x200px avatar and it seems 96px is the maximum dimension acceptable. Changing an existing spark generated vcard and only changing the text does seem to work. I wouldn’‘t mind more information on doing this though as I would like to try to keep everyones vcard consistent and the only way I see of doing that is on the server side of things and I haven’'t got an LDAP server.