Server specs?

Does anyone have a document on what server specs are needed/recommend for Openfire? I can’t seem to find any. I have it beta testing on an old laptop, so I know they are low, but what SHOULD I have it running on?

Or beating that … what is everyone else running it on??

I just want to make sure I have enough space for archiving and enough power to handle 1000 users if needed.


Hi Brendan,

The specs depend somewhat on how Openfire is being used (number of users, size of user rosters, number of chat room, etc.) but this document should help get you started.

Hope that helps,



That is perfect! I knew there had to be a document like that around here somewhere, I am not sure why I couldn’t find it. Thanks!


I know this an old post be prefer all answers/questions related to server specs be on one post. The document covers hardware but does not discuss bandwidth usage.

Any tips on gauging the bandwidth usage? For instance, I have a text only set up (candy web based chat with everything stripped out). If I have 2,000 chatters, I’d like to know how much bandwidth they are consuming (only an average is needed since not all 2,000 will chat all at once).