Server time outs


I’‘m running Jive messenger server and trying to connect to it using the Gush client. I’'ve created an user account in the server and am using that to login from the client. I specified the IP address of the server and the port number 5222. But I keep getting the error message “Server Timed Out” and “Server couldnot log you in”. Any comments/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


why IP address? You are trying to connect to server from internet? If you trying to connect from network just use <user_name>@<server_name> to login. <server_name> equal to <computer_name> with Jive Messenger installed on. Though IP and other server name should work too, but now i can connect to server only specifying <computer_name>.

Thanks for your help. As you correctly said it does not run if you specify the IP address.