Server to Server communication problem


I have a s2s problem after upgrade to 3.7.0.

Trying to send authorization requests or messages to someone on another server but he don’t recieve anything from me.

But if he sends a message or auth request to me I recieve it correctly.

I’ve been tried to listen traffic with tcpdump on my openfire server and I see packets beetween servers when I send or recieve a message. But the recipient doesn’t recieve any messages from me.

In the openfire log I see nothing.

For example I have this problem and server. Ofcourse this servers can’t have any problems, then I think the problem is in my server.

And I see incoming connection from in the openfire administration console but I don’t see outgoing connection to this server. But in netstat on the server I see both connections and tcpdump shows packets beetween servers.

Exactly same problem - after upgrade from 3.6.4 to 3.7.0 on Windows 2003 server.

I’m also upgrade from 3.6.4 version on my Ubuntu Server 10.10

I found new topic about this issue here