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Server to server configuration


May I ask for your input, I want to achieve a set-up that 2 servers with different domain name

that users can actually communicate/chat with each other.


ServerA ServerB

User A User B

In this example User A can chat with User B or the other way around.

UserA is registered to ServerA

UserB is registered to ServerB

I am trying the server to server settings but I am unsuccessful, not sure if this is really appropriate to what I want.

By the way I’m using Openfire 3.6.3 with spark on the client side.

I’m hoping for your advise and lead to the right direction.

Thanks and regards,


I have moved this thread to Openfire Support section, so it will have more views by others and maybe more advices.

Server to server should work, but i have never managed to make it working myself, so i cant tell much. Probably you need SSL connection, so you should install server certificates on both ends (self-signed ones should work too).