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Server to Server Connection initiated only one way

I am evaluating Openfire as a chatting solution for our company. Our systems consists of a server with several node computers connected to it. We would like to install Openfire on every server that we send out. The server will not have an internet domain name registered. There are two levels that we would like this system to work. The first is on the local intranet of the system, so that nodes computers can talk to each other. This is easy and works as is. The second level that we would like to have is that our company also runs an Openfire server that our customer support reps are connected to. We would like for a user on one of the node computers to be able to talk to our customer support reps. The problem is that our Openfire server cannot resolve the remote Openfire servers through dns. We would like it if the remote server initiated one connection and all communication went over that until the connection timed out and was removed. At which point there would be no access available to the remote site. Is this possible to do or would it be a better idea to write a custom server to accomplish this? Thanks