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Server to server connection

Hi All!

I’‘m read from early posts that somebody create SUBJ, but where I can find docs or how-to’'s

You’‘ll need to use one of the latest nightly builds in order to use the server-to-server feature (it’‘s comming officially in 2.2). There’'s no documentation yet, but there are some configuration options in the admin console that should help you get started.



I understand that options, but where besides xmpp.socket.ssl.active=true.

I mean where I can set remote server, ''coz I want to connect two own servers between itselfs

Hey Mike,

The servers will find themselves automatically. Out of the box Jive Messenger will use port 5269 for server to server communication. So if user_1 that is connected to server_1 sends a message to user_2@server_2 then server_1 will try to create a socket connection to server_2 at port 5269. And server_2 will do the same thing for connecting to server_1.

Just make sure that if you are using a firewall the port 5269 is opened (and maybe forwarding port 5269 to your server) and that the name of the servers are being resolved by a DNS. One thing you may want to try from server_1 is to telnet to server_2 at port 5269 and vice versa.

Let me know how it goes.


– Gato