Server-to-Server connectivity

I’‘m currently testing out Jabber servers & clients at work, and so far I’'m very impressed with Jive Messenger. One of the things that caught my attention was the Server-To-Server connectivity (listen on The specs state:

TLS - No


Server Dialback - Yes

My question (as silly as it might sound ) is: how do you enable server communications in Jive Messenger? Or am I misunderstanding what server dialback means. My thought is to deploy other jabber servers that can communicate between remote locations, rather than try and make/manage a “public” one.


Just send the message to user@remove.domain and the server, as long as it can resolve the other server’'s name via DNS and you have S2S enabled, should connect. You also need to be running messenger 2.2.0 or better.

Hope that helps.


Hey Pixel,

Out of the box JM has the s2s feature enabled and ready to be used. If you are using the default settings then make sure that port 5269 is not being blocked by any firewall. You may turn on the debug log to obtain more information.

As Alex said, you should use the latest JM 2.2 nightly build. Check the error log and post any error that you find (and is related to s2s).


– Gato

I posted in another thread, but thought I’'d post here too:

I have installed the most recent build of Jive (2005-07-27), and the problem seems to have been corrected, mostly. I am using Psi 0.9.3 to connect to two Jive servers simultaneously, and I am experiencing a small bug with the status of remote contacts. From what I can tell, the remote contacts of one server work appropriately, where the remote contacts on the other server always indicate offline. The determining factor is the order in which the servers are connected. If I connect to ServerA first, then the remote contact on ServerA (to ServerB) works, where the remote contact on ServerB (to ServerA) indicates offline. At this point, if I reconnect to ServerA, both remote contacts indicate online. The same conditions apply to other users running on separate instances of Psi. Regardless of the status of the remote contacts, all message communication works perfectly. Thanks again for the help.

I was seeing much the same thing…

I have a Jabberd2 server at work, Jabber 1.4 at, and Jive at home.

All accounts login auto via PSI and sometimes I had to jocky things around inorder to get everyone online at once.

I thought it might be routers / firewalls / early JM S2S but since others are having similar issues, maybe I’'ll spend a little more time looking into this…

I’'ll share anything I find…


I am using Psi 0.9.3 to connect to two Jive servers simultaneously, and I am experiencing a small bug with the status of remote contacts. From what I can tell, the remote contacts of one server work appropriately, where the remote contacts on the other server always indicate offline.

Yeah I have the same problem with Psi 0.9.3 and JM nightly 2005-07-27.

Yet another bug

From server ‘‘’’ I can’'t get VCard info of user ‘‘’’, but from server ‘‘’’ I can get VCard for ‘‘’’. At this time some information appears in warn.log of ‘‘’’ server:

2005.07.28 20:53:18 Could not route packet

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Wow, I certainly sparked something :stuck_out_tongue:

I’'m using build 2.1.5 right now. I was a little hesitant to use a beta version for my first time out. How has it been working for people? Can I do an upgrade, or do I have to remove the existingone & install the new one?

Hi Pc_Pixel,

Messenger 2.2 Beta has generally been pretty stable but since it is a beta piece of software I would avoid using it any sort of production environment. Upgrading from Messenger 2.1.5 to 2.2 is a very easy process. But, upgrading between the various 2.2 betas has caused some problems for some people. The first release canidate is scheduled to be released within the next couple of days so if you’'re interested in testing out 2.2 you might just want to wait until it is released.

Hope that helps,


Hey zenith,

Do you know if there was a connection from to when you tried getting the vCard? Does it work to send regular packages from to


– Gato

Hey djholt,

I spent some time trying to reproduce this problem between and my local server. I used Psi and Exodus and it always worked fine. Can you give me more information on how to reproduce the problem? Such as hostname of the servers? Where the 2 server running when the first client connected to one server?

Is it possible for me to connect to those servers to analyze the problem?


– Gato

First, I don’‘t seem to be having the vCard problem that Zenith described. I’'m using the same subdomain configuration, but vCards work perfectly across servers.

Now, to reproduce my problem, take two servers, and On, create a contact for, and on, create a contact for Now, if you were to connect to first, and then, the remote contact on (going to would indicate online as excpected. However, the remote contact on (going to would appear offline until you reconnect to Basically, it seems as if the server needs to “witness” the user on the remote server connect in order for that user’'s remote contact to indicate the proper status. I hope that helps.

And, yes, feel free to connect to both of the servers. Both servers should be available at all times, however, please let me know if you have any difficulty connecting. The hostnames of the two servers are and

Thank you for the highly appreciated support!

Hey guys,

I was finally able to reproduce the problem (JM-355). You can try the next nightly build (or maybe the Release Candidate) and let me know how it goes.


– Gato

Well, Release Candidate build 2005-07-29 is working wonders. Everything seems to be working properly. Thanks for the support! I’'m looking forward to the final release. Thanks again!


Thanks much for the bugs report. Continue testing it and let me know if you see anything weird. BTW, I found a timing issue where you can get an available and immediately after an offline presence even though the user is online. However, I think that the chances for that timing issue are quite low. To reproduce that problem you have to have 2 servers with no connections between them and 1 user in each server subscribed to the presence of the other users. Simultaneously log in both users and you will see what I mean.


– Gato

I did indeed have this problem, but only once. As you said, the chances of seeing this is low, but could cause problems nonetheless. Have you been able to find a solution?