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Server to Server: Inter-office roster lists, etc

The scenario:

I’'d like to set up one Jive Server in our Chicago office and a second in our Atlanta office, both authenticating off their respective Windows domain controllers. Each office has their own ‘‘group’’ which is essentially a simple listing of everyone in each office.

Is it possible, from the Chicago office to “see” the Atlanta roster group, and vice versa? So, I can add and remove employees on my list, and have that reflect for the Atlanta users?



Interesting feature request – basically shared groups between servers. If we implemented this feature, it would definitely have to be proprietary to Jive Messenger. I can’'t think of a way to do this through standard XMPP protocol off the top of my head. Shared groups currently have three modes – show group to group members, show group to other specific groups, show group to all users. What options would you need around this feature?


It would be a very userful feature.

It may be looks like this:


Oh, bummer. It might be a slippery slope to try adding proprietary features.

How are other offices doing this, normally? Authenticating off the same server?

That is exactly the same solution I am looking for as well.

One issue I am having now is that for local LAN use, I want to offer a local server user@machinename so that if the internet goes down (and it does pretty often), we do not loose IM. Unfortunately, I cannot get this to work at all with server-to-server communication across the net since people are logging into a local machine. One nice feature for Jive Server would be if you could assign multiple names to the same instance and if users were logged in to any of the names, it would allow the connection. So for instance, if I am logged into @webserver, i can still connect with people logged into @webserver.dj.com or 65.xxx.xxx.1. That way we could use it locally, but people in our other offices could join in.