Server to server problems

I am having some trouble with server to server communication.

Here is my setup. I have 2 domains (A and B). Domain A has a functioning Openfire Jabber server which uses LDAP to pull users and groups from AD.

I created an Openfire server on Domain B with same setup (LDAP). Now both are working fine, and if I want to search and manually add a user from the other server’s list I can do that. However, my clients need to be able to see the contact lists from both Domains. I have AD groups created that have users from either domain in them (i.e. in Domain A there is a group domBjabber that has the list of all Jabber users from Domain B, and same for Domain B). I have contact list group sharing enabled for both groups but they do not show up in client contact lists for the other domain (i.e. clients in Domain A can see everyone in their own domain but not in Domain B).

Again, I can manually add the user from the other domain to the contact list and chat with them, but I need to be able to have all users automatically added to clients as each domain has upwards of 100+ users and adding them manually is a huge pain.

Any help would be appreciated.