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Serverside List Exceptions

I’ve got a unique user in a group that needs to see another group that I’ve created in Openfire. I have Openfire connected to an Apple OpenDirectory with read-only access.

Group A

  • User A

  • User B

  • User C

Group B

  • User D

  • User E

  • User F

Basically, I need User B to be able to see Group B, but User A and User C should not see the group. Ideally Group B would also see User B in Group A, but not the other users. I tried manually adding User’s D, E, and F to User B’s contact list, but Spark disconnected and said it couldn’t add the user (because the lists are created server-side I assume).

Is there a way to get to that list and manually edit it on the server?

Thanks in advance!

  • Chris