Service Discovery from Sparkweb

Hello people, my first post here!

I have recently installed Openfire 3.7.0 on an Ubuntu 10.04 box. Of all the jabber servers I’ve been testing I find Openfire an excellent product. My main purpose is to give the company administration a controlled way of allowing users to chat. First by having an internal environment and second by giving controlled permissions to selected users access to “legacy” systems. Audit traces and recording of the conversations are key. For this I uploaded Client Control 1.1.0, Monitoring Service 1.2.0 from Jive Software and Kraken 1.1.2 from Daniel Henninger plugins. All this along with the admin console do a superb job.

The icing on the cake would be to have a web client, for which I have been testing Sparkweb 0.9.0. It works fine except for one thing. I haven’t been able to find a way to do a Service Discovery from within Sparkweb in order to setup the legacy gateways for the user. If I have a user who has already setup her gateways from a regular client (Pidgin, Psi and Empathy all work) all the contacts from the legacy server show up in the roster in Sparkweb. But if a user has not done the service discovery before connecting from Sparkweb there is no way to create the gateway.

Will please someone enlighten me as to how to do this? I refuse to believe that in order to use Sparkweb I will first have to setup the user in Psi just to have their MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, etc. contacts show up in their rosters.

Thanks in advance!


Well, it seems that no one is willing to earn some point with this answer .

I would love to hear from anyone, at least to tell me that the answer is no, it can’t be done. Am I the only one trying to do this? Is Sparkweb not that popular? Or is this a dumb question to ask? I’ve been trying to find a manual or a guide for Sparkweb but all I can find is how to install it, at which I already have succeded.

Guys, I don’t mean to be rude or impatient. But, I’m still hoping to get some help over here…



Just to close this discussion (with myself ) let me add that as I began to understand thingsSparkweb is outdated and apparently not is use anymore. That’s probablly the reason there were no aswers to my post.

I’ll revert to a desktop client and forget about giving my users web access for their conversations. Still think Openfire is a great product. Keep up the good work…



Sparkweb is outdated and apparently not is use anymore.

Not exactly true. See ard

To answer your question about how to do Service Discovery with Spark, see XIFF the XMPP library being used by SparkWeb

Thanks so much, Dele. Your answer comes just in time to do some weekend reading from the links you provide. As it seems I should be researching XIFF library. That was the little pointer I needed to move forward.

Once I learn how to implement this I’ll post back.