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Service unavailable during Openfire + Muckl Integration

Hello All,

I have been facing issue integrating muckl with Openfire.

I have setup Openfire and Sparkweb and it is running fine.

But I dont need flash stuff as my clients need to install falsh instead everytime they want to join chat session.

Any Idea regarding the alternative tool?

I did tried installed muckl with openfire. I followed the steps:

Openfire Server

Server >> Server Settings >> HTTP Binding >>

Muckl Client

  1. Untar the muckl to web server accessible directory

  2. created .htaccess directory under /var/www/html/muckl

Entered the line:

RewriteEngine On RewriteRule http-bind/ [P]
  1. Edited config.js under untarred muckl directory:

Edited lines:

var BACKENDTYPE = ‘binding’;

var HTTPBASE = “/http-bind”;

var XMPPDOMAIN = “”;

var ROOMS =
name:‘iPhone Mobile Chat Room’,
description:‘some room for testing’,
// logo: ‘http://localhost/spongebob.png

  1. Restarted the Apache.

I browsed through http://clientip/muckl

it opens Muckl Page and ask for Nickname and Shows Chat room “iPhone Mobile Chat Room”

When I click “Ok” it opens up blank Page saying “Service Unavailable”.

I read about JabberHTTPBind.war which makes XMPP Client communicate to Openfire and did installed under /opt/tomcat/webappps directory but that dint do the trick.

Please suggest !!!