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Servlet in openfire plugin

Hello,everyone.I’ve developed a servlet in my plugin.the servlet can be init but always cannot be accessed.Anyone has met this issue before.


Have you implemented doGet and doPost methods of your servlet? By any chance, does your doGet() method contain a call to super() ? Calls to super(req, resp) will always return the default response which is 404 Not Found.

i got a same problem, but after i remove calls to super(req, resp), the problem still exists. i write the servlet (extends HttpServlet), configure it in web-custom.xml, and compile my plugin. i don’t know how to make it work? anyone can help me ?

OK , i solve it. url must add /plugins/mypluginname prefix. for example, if url in web-custom.xml is /create, then you should use /plugins/mypluginname/create to access your custom servlet.