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Session list - access from php script

How can i access to user sessions list form php script?

If its impossible can i get online users counter somehow?

Wildfire exporting any of those information’'s, or maybe i can do it from console?

Hi Michael,

if you like the admin console and have the password you may want to write a short PHP script to login there and fetch the “client sessions” list with a high “range” value like


I did write a perl script to login and use the broadcast option, it should be easy to port http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=116681&#116681 to PHP.


Its not problem to do script like this (in php there is curl library) but i don’'t think its effective / professional solution.

Really no one know different answer ?


Wildfire supports also ad-hoc commands so you could probably use a php-xmpp lib if one is available.


Its not

Really nobody know how to export one simple variable??

well, this is not veryprofessional either, however if you are running this on Unix/Linux go to the command line and do a

netstat -a|grep 5222|wc -l this will give you a connection count on port 5222, change to 5223 for ssl connection I wrote a simple sh script and run it with a command to check connections. won;t give you names only connection count for each port. Hope this helps…


Hello, Sorry to post there 8 years after.

I need to retrieve the names of the people connected, their IP adresses and their status (offline, online, away) in PHP language.

1 time a day an external SQL update.

Do you know how it would be possible to retrieve these datas ?

All the best.