Sessions not properly timing out for some users?

I’m working on integrating Openfire with a web site, XMPP over BOSH (persistent connections, not polling). It’s going very well, except that one of the three test users I’ve created seems to always have at least two active sessions, no matter how long the extras have been dormant (tab closed, page refreshed so new resource issued, browser closed, whatever). Sometimes there are far, far more than there should be, but often it’s just the current one and the one right before it.

Nothing odd about the jid–in fact, one of the two that doesn’t have the problem is odd, with an @ in the node portion (, though the other is normal too. It’s not an admin user; one of the two without the problem is. I can’t find anything unique to this user.

The problem persists over openfire service restarts–that is, all the sessions get wiped out, but the problem comes back as soon as I log twice or more times with that user.

I’ve tried different browsers, and that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

The weirdest part is that two of the three users’ sessions time out OK, so I my settings seem to be working except in this one bizarre case.

For this single user it’s like some of their sessions are “sticky”, and don’t go away even if NO clients are logged in for that user. Just now, in fact, I closed a browser tab in which this user was logged in and one of its two sessions went away, but the other’s still there, showing “online” (?!).

If I keep logging in then closing the tab, over time I’ll end up with a dozen of these phantom sessions. It’s really screwing up my contact lists. I’ve even got pinging of idle users enabled, but it doesn’t seem to actually be happening–though, maddeningly, it doesn’t matter for the other users, which just work.

Anyone know what could be wrong?

I’m using Strophe.js on the client side.


We’re seeing the exact same problem, also using Strophe.js. Did you find a solution to it?