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Set java memory xmx


My server Spec

OS :MS server 2003 enterprise

RAM : (1024*6)=6144 M

wildfire version 3.2.4

I set file wildfired.vmoptions Value

  • XMS=1024m

  • XMX=1536m

Wildfire can start.

Now I want Upgrade java memory XMS and XMX to Maximum(about 5 G ). I chang -XMS =4500m,-XMX=5000m but Server Wildfire Can not start.

How solution upgrade java memory XMS and XMX ?

thank you

I changed “bin/wildfire” to inceare java memory…

vi bin/wildfire

change this line…



INSTALL4J_ADD_VM_PARAMS="-Xms1024m -Xmx1536m"

restart wildfire

it will work file…^^

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are you using a 32 or a 64 bit JVM version?

What does “java -Xms4500m -Xmx5000m -version” return?



thak you to answer.

I use Java version Java™ 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition 5.0 32 Bit

My compay have user online in wildfire 1800 account use java memory Xmx =1536 (90%) . Future ,User add in Wildfire 6000 account . So,I need upgrade Xmx about 5 G for Support Requiment user add in. Are Wildfire support Xmx=about 5 G ?

if Wildfire support Xmx=about 5 G . Have means ?

thank you

Hi mincando ,

thank you for answer.

I can not find file in folder “bin/wildfire” . Where are edit file ?

thank you


on Windows you need to use the vmoptions file, there’'s no start script.

I wonder how your 32 bit JVM should be able to allocate 5 GB. You may want to use a smaller heap or run a 64 bit JRE. But 64 bit JRE’‘s consume nearly two times the memory of 32 bit JRE’'s.


this worked for me also. I just wanted to know what Xms and Xmx represent so I know what I am increasing the value on.


see http://www.tagtraum.com/ for a description of the JVM parameters if you want to take a more detailed look at the parameters and how to tune them.

Xms = initial java heap size

Xmx = max java heap size

So you can set the lower and upper java heap size, the JVM itself will use the native heap to control the VM and thus the whole process will use some more memory than you did specify with Xmx.