Set "secret key" for User Service

Can someone give me a hint, where and how to set the “secret key” used by the User Service? Thanks in advance!

In Openfire Webinterface under User Service (see screenshot)

Yes, I know, but I need a programmatical solution without manual intervention.

By simple set the secret property:

JiveGlobals.setProperty(“plugin.userservice.secret”, “secretkey”);

But I am not running inside of the JVM hosting OpenFire. Is there any file like openfire.xml where I can declare the key.

Not in the file but in the DB. The secret key is stored in the DB in “ofproperty” table

Cool! That’s what I need… So I can create an entry in that table with name “plugin.userservice.secret” and my secret key as value?


The “plugin.userservice.secret” entry should be already there. It will be added by initialisation.