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Setting for file transfer

client1->openfire->nat gateway <-internet-> nat gateway->openfire->client2

Whether there are standards or mechanisms allowing clients 1 and 2 to


out transfer of a file not demanding from users of any


We consider that s2s works…

So, you have two Openfire servers that are linked with s2s? Are your clients getting errors when they try to do file transfers? Do file transfers work for clients that are connected on the same server?

- Seth -

icq, skype, mail.ru IM - any of them should not be adjusted that transfer of files worked.

Why clients Openfire should specify in adjustments filetransfer proxy and external IP address?

Transferring files between gateways is a known issue. In fact, one of our Summer of Code projects is to build gateways that enable file transfer between different IM services. Take a look at Summer of Code 2008 Projects.


- Seth -

Not about it post…

When users Openfire can transfer files between nat networks without manual setting of filetransfer proxy?