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Setting Managed Roster Externally

How difficult would it be to say, implement the managed roster from an external jabber component?

External in what sense? If you talk about absolute authority over who owns the roster, then Messenger will essentially have to give up it’‘s internal roster for an external roster. This makes life a little difficult if, say, the external component was accidentally stopped or network connection was dropped. It’'d most likely render Messenger useless.

Now, if Messenger implemented JEP-0144 (so a search on the forum for other discussions on this topic) than an external component would advise[/i] the internal roster on what should added/removed/modified. Messenger could also weight the external components opinion and always listen to it or not based on some criteria.

If the component is internal, than you have cart blanch access to the roster and you can manipulate it however you want. This can be done today.

yes, my question was in reference specifically to jep-0144. I was intrested in writing an external component that could handle this

You’‘d need the server to support JEP-0144, which it doesn’'t currently.

The server needs to respect the features of the client (because they may support JEP-0144) and forward the requests to the client. Or the server can act on behalf of the client and update the roster (assuming that this would be done anyways by the client).

What were you thinking of using in terms an external roster?

Well the client part is fine, as the server passes along the packet irregardless. But what I was thinking of was more along the lines of the managed roster feature inside of jive, being able to access that from my component and manipulate it accordingly.