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Setting mobile status for appropriate IM services?

Maybe I’'m looking into this a bit far, but as far as I know AIM and possibly Yahoo or MSN allow to display appropriate ‘‘mobile’’ status if you are logged in with the appropriate client on a mobile device like a cellphone or PDA.

My question is if this is possible to do in Openfire/It’‘s IM gateway plugin? My current setup using openfire is pretty simple and probably more than that is needed, but is practical imo: I have a real basic install of openfire running on a server machine on my home connection. It’'s fully locked against any kind of self registration to prevent spamming. So far my admin account is the only one set up and it has my AIM, Yahoo, and MSN accounts linked via the gateway plugin. Client side I have a jabber client on my Motorola IDEN cellphone called ‘‘Bombus’’ which so far is working just great. I have absolutely 0 issues with it.

But much like any other third party clients/IM services, it merely shows up as a standard desktop client. Is there’'s even a remote chance of being able to disguise either the whole openfire service as a mobile client or the actual useragent reported by Bombus? Or am I barking up the wrong tree here?

The only real reason I use openfire for this exact situation is because I’‘m tired of how the cellphone companies always charge for each message sent and received for their own IM applications and even then, third party J2ME clients for the IM services cost an arm and a leg most times. At least in this case it doesn’‘t cost me a penny except for the flat rate im charged on my cell service for unlimited net access…That and the home HSI access, but that’'s a whole different story.

At this point, this is mostly testing for the group I’‘m working with so if I can get these minor issues sorted (as well, we are currently waiting to see when a working gtalk gateway will come about), we plan to use openfire as a full collab. service off the public IM networks. But in any case, it’'s still proving to be of good use in my aforementioned personal scenario.

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I am not sure that I’‘m reading you right. AIM has methods for indicating what kind of client it is, but they has no bearing on the user on the other end’‘s AIM client and it most likely won’‘t cause their roster to show a mobile icon or something. Changing the client we announce ourselves as though is kind of painful because it affects what features AIM allows us to use. likewise I can’'t see any useful reason to handle this except for cosmetic. However . . .

There’‘s also a related function where AIM will let you set up your account so that it’‘s “always logged in” so to speak, but is really just transferring messages to your mobile phone. Is that perhaps what you are referring to? (I forget what this is called, but you like… register a cell phone number with your aim account and then anytime you are not signed in, you show up with a little phone icon and if someone messages you it says "this message has been forwarded to XXX’'s cell phone")

XMPP/Jabber itself doesn’‘t support any sort of precense that indicates either of these are far as I know. (I’‘ve never seen anything come across the standards tracks that had anything to do with this, but I could certainly have missed something) Of course, if you had already set up this AIM/Cell Phone tie in that I mentioned above, the transport doesn’‘t really need to know anything about that, and once you log out of your AIM Transport through XMPP, it would show up with the mobile icon mentioned above and people could still message you and get them sent to your phone. I mean for all practical purposes we’‘re just logged in as any old client and that message forwarding functionality is handled on AIM’'s servers.

Is this what you are referring to though?